CAD-Migos Software Tools ™

  • Delivering high quality projects.
  • Delivering high quality projects.
CAD-Migos Software Tools ™ boasts broad experience in software and systems development in the following topical areas:

Machine Learning and Deep Learning applications including signal and image processing to implement pattern recognition and associated metrologies

Database design interfaces, and coding SQL database design (schemas, stored procedures, and web services / interfaces).

Saas Software as a Service applications with backend servers.

Media services including streaming media (video, audio).

Analytical systems simulations, mathematical transformations, back-end compute services, GPUs.

Client-Server systems including visualization front-end clients, REST APIs, and object remoting.

Distributed computing, multi-process, multi-threading for performance optimization.

Integration projects integrating new systems to legacy, re-factoring outdated systems, etc.

The team can provide the following services in part or full for the topical areas listed above:

Software Development (Deliver production quality full functional systems)

Technical design (software design specifications, APIs, public interfaces, all controlled interfaces and algorithms)

Project management (customer interfaces, schedules, status meetings and reports, estimates, billing)

Technical documentation (proposals, architectures, specifications, end user documentation, QA/test protocols and results)

Infrastructure (source code/revision control for all controlled documents, issue tracking and resolution reports, continuous integration for automated builds of code into packaging)

Proofs of concepts (storyboards, quick prototypes to show critical elements, risk reduction on key areas of the project)